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Dialog imaginär

35 years of contemporary music for accordion and electronics

Dialog imaginär, the motto of the concert programme, alludes to the title of one of the compositions – Dialog imaginär No. 5 by the German composer Georg Katzer. On the other hand, it provides the unifying component for the whole concert – the combination of accordion (also harp and soprano) and electronics seen as a dialogue between the instrumentalist(s) and an invisible, imaginary partner. This counterpart is imaginary also in the sense that it only reproduces pre- or live recorded material but does not interact with the performer(s) even if at instances the sound impression may pretend it. Consequently the conversation is removed from reality, transposed to fictitious spheres.

Works by Henrik Hellstenius, Maija Hynninen, Georg Katzer, James Nightingale, Arne Nordheim, Pei-Yu Shih a.o.


Contemporary music, video, electronics, and poetry

Nebenklänge hints at the multi-media aspect of the program; a straightforward translation might be “side sounds” or “derivative sounds” and can be understood as “besides sound(s)” as well.  The works comprised beyond the ‘mere’ accordion playing non-musical elements incorporated from other fields of art or additional sound including electronics, the player’s voice, and supplementary instruments operated by the accordionist.

Works by Michael Beil, Peter Gahn, Klaus Huber, Maija Hynninen, Mauricio Kagel, Simon Steen-Andersen a.o.

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