ensemble cras N.N.

The motto ensemble cras N.N. has a twofold meaning: At first N.N. means Northern Network, specifying the geographical origin of cultural collaboration the projects emphasize on.  At second, N.N. refers to the common placeholder nomen nominandum, used in a positive context of a pool of active musicians that is open to external influences and new input by composers, sound designers, as well as artists from other fields of art.  This provides an ideal platform for performances of new works and interdisciplinary projects.

Short retrospect

From 2006, successful collaboration began with composers like Tomi Räisänen, Maija Hynninen, Tapio Nevanlinna, Einar Torfi Einarsson, Ingi G. Erlendsson, Chikage Imai, Simon Steen-Andersen, and others, leading to premieres at Dark Music Days, Reykjavik, Stargate and Panta Rhei Festivals, Würzburg, and performances at UNM Festival, Oslo, Soiva Akatemia, Helsinki, and The Conservatory of Amsterdam. A program consisting exclusively of Finnish contemporary works for cello and accordion has been part of the Panta Rhei Festival in Würzburg, 2006.

In autumn 2008 ensemble cras announced NMCC, a New Music Composition Competiton for Finnish composers and composers residing in Finland.  The final of this Suomen Kulttuurirahasto supported event was held in Helsinki in November 2009.

Echoes from Finland, a series of portrait concerts featuring compositions by Maija Hynninen, took place in November 2008 at different places in Germany.  Portrait concerts, and performances with work introductions particularly at schools wish to expose and introduce a young audience to contemporary music.  For 2010, further portrait concerts are planned, including also Scandinavian composers.


Project calendar

Concert BerlIN Helsinki – Extremitäten, first performances by Maija Hynninen, Karin Wetzel, a.o., September 2010.
New Commission for duo flute/accordion by Maija Hynninen, Summer 2010.
Neue Musik aus Finnland for voices, accordion, and live electronics. Works by Pasi Lyytikäinen, Riikka Talvitie, Markku Klami, a.o., April 2010.
New Commission for WindEnergie by Tapio Nevanlinna, April 2010.
YLE production of a composition elected at NMCC, December 2009.
New Music Composition Competition: Final concert and price ceremony, 27th November 2009.
Ensemble cras resides in Helsinki November 2009: Rehearsals for NMCC with the participating composers.
Musiknacht Köln: First performance Einar Torfi Einarsson „Conditions – Posttensions II“.
Amsterdam: Collaboration with Einar Torfi Einarsson and concert at Amsterdam Conservatory.
Echoes from Finland: Portrait concert series featuring works by Maija Hynninen (Würzburg, Bad Königshofen, Köln, Münnerstadt).
Stargate Festival, November 2008: First performance „Grus“ by Tomi Räisänen.
Nebenklänge, concert in Helsinki, September 2008: First performance Simon Steen-Andersen „NTBB #12“ and Maija Hynninen „Interpolations 2“.  YLE broadcast.
UNM Oslo, 2008: „Kaiku 2“ by Maija Hynninen.
Working Phase: Collaboration with Simon Steen-Andersen for his new accordion piece „Next To Beside Besides #12“.
Recording and collaboration for electronic part of „Interpolations 2“ by Maija Hynninen.
Dark Music Days Reykjavik, February 2008: Premieres „S:II“ by Ingi Erlendsson, „ Conditions – Posttensions“ by Einar Torfi Einarsson, and solo accordion piece „Interpolations 1“ by Maija Hynninen.
Dialog imaginär, Helsinki, 2007: Chamber music by Maija Hynninen, Scandinavian pieces by Arne Nordheim and Henrik Hellstenius, YLE broadcast.
Tape part production for „Dinosauros“ by Arne Nordheim, Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Spring 2007.
Nostakaa kätenne kun tiedätte, Helsinki, March 2007: Interdisciplinary concert project with music, video, performance, dance, and improvisation.
Collaboration with Maija Hynninen for her new piece „Kaiku 2“, Spring 2007.
Stream, concert at Soiva Akatemia concert series, March 2007.
Collaboration with Tapio Nevanlinna on „Foto“, March 2007.
Panta Rhei Festival, November 2006: Contemporary Finnish music for cello and accordion.  Works by Einojuhani Rautavaara, Jyrki Linjama, Uljas Pulkkis, Tomi Räisänen, Erkki Jokinen.
First German Performance of „Duo Concertante“ by Tomi Räisänen: Cologne, June 2006.
Collaboration with Tapio Nevanlinna on „Hug“, Jukka Tiensuu on „Aufschwung“ and „ Fantango“, and Jyrki Linjama on „Consolation“, 2004/05.