New Music Composition Competition 2009

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The aim of this contest is to increase the contemporary repertoire for the rather exotic although colourful and diversified instrumental combination of clarinet/bass clarinet, trumpet (as additional instruments alpenhorn, euphonium, flugelhorn or a quarter-tone trumpet may be used) and accordion. For more information about the trio see below.
The trio is: Andrea Carola Kiefer (accordion), Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson (clarinet/bass clarinet), Paul Hübner (trumpets – piccolo, baroque, slide, double-bell, and quarter-tone trumpet –, alphorn, flugelhorn). The trio in question is the smallest sub-formation of ensemble cras, a group of musicians performing contemporary music in various combinations according to the needs of the compositions (from solo to chamber music). Even though trumpet, clarinet and accordion make quite a diverse combination at first sight, air and breath are their point in common, the origin of their sound. The sound spectrum and range of the trio is enriched by several supplementary instruments – bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet (on request) played by Vilhjálmsson and several trumpets, alphorn, flugelhorn as well as didgeridoo supplementing the trumpet part – as well as by the use of electronics and multi-media, if desired. The musicians collaborate intensely with composers of our time, including amongst others Chikage Imai, Bernd Thewes, Arno Lücker, Einar Torfi Einarsson, Simon Steen-Andersen, and have regularly concerts in Germany as well as abroad.

Download announcement (PDF)
Short information about instrumentation for trumpet (PDF) and about the accordion (PDF)


Final Concert

The final concert was held at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, on Friday, November 27, 2009.  The following seven pieces participated in the final round:

Juhani Junkala
First Prize and YLE Special Award

Sebastian Dumitrescu

Jorma Styng
De Part Ment

Kalle Vainio
Tulisuudelma, Fiery Kiss
Special Audience Award

Stefan Bartling
Schiefe Ebene (Kalteva taso)

Jani Niinimäki
Third Prize

Herman Rechberger
Musica di montagna
Second Prize and Special Award for an Innovative Work