Chamber Music Projects

Duo Plus


Contemporary Japanese music for clarinet and accordion

Stream, the motto of the concert, alludes to the title of one of the compositions, Midstream by the Japanese composer Keiko Harada. On the other hand, it can be associated with the flow of music in general. Especially the works by Hosokawa and Imai, as well as in most instances the compositions by Mundry and Harada evoke the image of a constantly streaming soundlayer. The soundscape of Japanese music is often linked to phenomena in nature and biological cycle. In this sense, the intensity, kinetic energy and formal parameters in the music act like a river with its rapids, vertices, and shallows, changing its characteristics over time and place and even according to the spectator’s point of view. At some stage, the flow might even reach the wide, deep and obscure ocean.

Works by Dai Fujikura, Chikage Imai, Keiko Harada, Toshio Hosokawa, Isabel Mundry a.o.

Focus Scandinavia

DuoPlus: Finnish, Icelandic, Danish, and Norwegian Music

Works by Einar Torfi Einarsson, Tapio Nevanlinna, Arne Nordheim a.o.

Vox – Stimme, Sprache, Poesie

DuoPlus: Music inspired by poetry and compositions with voice elements

Works by Klaus Huber, Jyrki Linjama, Uros Rojko, Isang Yun a.o

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From Bach to Piazzolla

Duo AZAK interprets baroque and modern works

Tango Pure

A pure tango evening focusing on Tango Argentino by Astor Piazzolla enriched by other compositions of this genre including contemporary works

Luminary Sounds

Music inspired by stars and celestial constellations

Finnish contemporary music

Works by Erkki Jokinen, Jyrki Linjama, Uljas Pulkkis, Tomi Räisänen a.o.

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Ensemble cras


Ensemble cras plays a program with contemporary duo and trio compositions for trumpet/euphonium, clarinet/bass-clarinet and accordion


Frontiers are crossed in uncommon ways: Contemporary compositions that have connections with Rock Music or even Heavy Metal. Volume, tempo, distortion, and aggressive playing techniques are the links to harder genres of music. Sometimes quite obvious, sometimes more subtle.

Mysterious Soundscapes

A program with an international touch featuring works by Peter Gahn, Yasuko Yamaguchi, Hyunkyung Lim, Chantale Laplante and others

Ensemble Trialoge

Kammermusik 2000+

Ensemble Trialoge plays German commision works

Works by Christopher Brandt, Hubert Hoche, Sven-Ingo Koch, Claus Kühnl, Ni Qian, Bernd Thewes a.o.

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More projects on request.