ensemble cras

ensemble cras, founded by Andrea Carola Kiefer, is a group of musicians performing contemporary music in flexible instrument combinations according to the needs of the compositions (from solo to larger chamber music groups). The members do not only aim at performing existing literature, but as well at initiating and premiering new works in close cooperation with composers. Concert projects including electronics and multi-media create a cross-genre connection to different fields of art.

The name of the ensemble is derived from Latin ‘cras’ meaning ‘tomorrow’ and refers to the ensemble’s intention of playing newest music. With the motto Krasse Musik, the ensemble compiles a concert series aiming at including unusual, unheard, and outrageous compositions and instrumental combinations. Portrait concerts, and performances with work introductions particularly at schools wish to expose and introduce a young audience to contemporary music.

Recent projects include Kammer-Metall, a theme-orientated concert programme at the international congress “Heavy Metal and Gender” in Cologne, performances in Berlin, Würzburg, Cologne, and Amsterdam, as well as premieres by Einar Torfi Einarsson, Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss, Simon Steen-Andersen, and Peter Gahn. In November 2009 NMCC, New Music Composition Competition, is held by ensemble cras in Helsinki, followed by concerts in Germany in 2010.

International collaboration with composers, musicians, and artists of other fields is an important part of the ensemble’s activities, seen as vital to the music of our time. Ensemble cras enjoyed beyond projects with German composers already collaboration with composers from Iceland, Denmark, Argentina, France and Italy.